Antibiotic natural camel

October 26, 2008
Enable researchers, Dr. Mahmoud Mohamed Shaheeb Dr. Iman Mohamed Saleh Al-Halawani University discovered the active substance in the urine of camels, describing the vital natural antidote against bacteria and secure the stubborn disease, grants a patent from the King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology.

The researchers Paul camel containing a “peptide” isolated, which has strong influence in the eradication of bacterial species on the positive and negative, especially for multiple types of infectious immune to antibiotics “MRO” and this peptide can be used to treat microbial infection in the digestive system or skin infections bacteria cluster .

It is likely that the article researchers found a strong and effective impact on infectious viruses and cancer cells


Eggplant address atherosclerosis

October 26, 2008
The medical research that eggplant beneficial for health, especially in the treatment of atherosclerosis and prevention, and can be dealt with Mtabokha in the form of food or snacks or pickles.

Eggplant and contribute to the prevention of obesity or removed, because low-calorie, every hundred grams of which contain 29 calories price, eggplant and impedes movement of cholesterol from the stomach to the arteries, and reduces fat.

Eggplant contains a high rate of anti-cancer substances, “the same chemicals that make apples useful”, and dark dyes that would prevent oxidation.


To find out how to stimulate protein kills harmful cells

October 26, 2008
U.S. researchers find a way to stimulate protein kills cells in the body, a discovery that could lead to new ways to treat diseases such as cancer cells, which grows out of control.

Active natural body of the protein, called “Pax” cells to kill unwanted or defective in the process of programmed cell suicide called Alastmuat, and researchers believe at the Institute of Dana – Farber Cancer Research at Harvard University and now that they found a way to bring this process.

He pointed to Lauren, from the Institute of Dana Alinsky – Farber, that this discovery can be used to develop medications that stimulate or inhibit cell death in human disease.

Alinsky pointed out that the drug is active, Pax directly can kill the diseased cells such as cancer cells and drug activity Pax avoidance is likely to prevent the death of unwanted cells, such as in heart attacks, stroke and nerve damage


Proposal to vaccinate medical smokers against severe acute respiratory syndrome

October 26, 2008
U.S. doctors recommended smoking vaccine should be vaccinated against the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome especially among children and the elderly, where smoking more than five cigarettes adult Americans are increasingly at risk of severe acute respiratory syndrome with a large number of cigarettes being smoked over the years.

This will be the first recommendation of a special vaccine to smokers specifically, if accepted by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and evaluate vaccines pneumonia infection by several strains of bacteria pneumonia Nodal and bacteria that cause pneumonia and meningitis, “meningitis” and other types of serious infection and given the Vaccines typically for the elderly, young children, but not for healthy young adults.

Doctors also pointed out that the vaccine Brevnar “Prevnar” produced by Wyeth protect against seven strains of bacteria pneumonia Nodal, a vaccine usually dealt with children and brings to $ 2.5 billion of the company.

Given Nyumuvaks “Pneumovax” produced by the company “Merck & Co” for the elderly and patients with asthma and others at large in lung diseases.


The laying of the first orderly advanced functions of the brain in the world

October 26, 2008
Germany has for the first time in the world transplant orderly advanced functions of the brain cells of patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease, known as “Parkinson”.

The Professor Lars Timmerman professor of Neurosurgery at the University Hospital in Cologne, western Germany that the new organizer has the capacity to accurate simulation of the movement at the same time and in many different locations in the brain.

Can the simulation carried out by organized job action to correct dysfunctional brain in a major scientific breakthrough.

The organized through the battery can be shipped from outside the body and provides the patient a traditional replacement surgery in periods ranging from two to five years, the processes that lead to problems later by 20 percent.


New protein kills cancer cells

October 26, 2008
U.S. researchers to find a new way to stimulate protein kills cancer cells in the body, a discovery that could lead to new ways to treat many diseases.

Active body of this natural protein called “Pax” to kill diseased or defective cells in the process of programmed called “Alastmuat.”

The researchers at the Institute of Dana – Farber Cancer Research at Harvard University now that they have found a way to raise the test process later.

For his part, Dr. Lauren, from the Institute of Dana Alinsky – Farber, published the results of his research in the journal Nature: “We identified the key active Pax We believe that this discovery can be used to develop medications that stimulate or inhibit cell death in human disease.”

The Bucks will be able to kill the diseased cells such as cancer cells, and drug avoidance Pax activity is likely to prevent the death of unwanted cells as in heart attacks, stroke and nerve damage.


The risk of avian flu remains

October 26, 2008
Officials said the United Nations and the World Bank that the majority of States have developed plans to address the shift to the bird flu epidemic, but still fresh concerns about the effectiveness of those plans as they were not subject to the necessary tests.

The report warned of the World Bank, the threat of loss of the world economy amount to three trillion because of dizziness and a possible pandemic of the disease still persists.

The report added that the tax paid by the global growth not less than two percentage points if it hit a wave and B moderate regions of the world, and it will not land on the full five points if the epidemic was more widespread.

The report also warns that the epidemic may be affecting various aspects of daily life, from the transfer of waste and the sectors of transport and services to banks, trade, shopping and Alozaivo But current plans do not focus only on the health aspects.

For his part, stressed David Nabarro, the United Nations coordinator for avian influenza control efforts on the need to the attention of all States to test plans for face possible pandemic influenza.

At a news conference in New York said that the Fourth International report on the response to avian flu and prepare for pandemic influenza that most States have developed plans for a possible spread of the epidemic, but he expressed concern about the lack of testing many of these plans sufficiently to ensure its effectiveness


Child obesity linked to the mother

October 26, 2008
Australian scientists have found a link between child obesity, diet, which followed the mother before and during pregnancy.

The researchers from the University of “New South Wiles,” said the study showed that pregnant women and mothers with overweight are more likely to have children their bodies are therefore full of fat are susceptible to diabetes and metabolic disorders later in life.

According to the study, which applied to the rats, the rats small female rats born from the more fat and weight twice as rats, which was born from mothers without grease.

They issued a statement saying that “maternal obesity and excessive eating in the great cause changes in chemicals that control appetite, which suggests that their programmers to address the food is different from other children of obese mothers.”

The statement added that “since the brain to control appetite arise in early life, the presence of food in the period preceding the birth of a child may contribute to obesity in adults.”


Coffee smaller size of women’s breasts

October 26, 2008
The Swedish researcher to address women’s three cups of coffee a day can reduce the size of her breasts.

The researcher Helena Girenstrom which operates a lecture in experimental medicine for cancer at the University of Lund, Sweden, it has reached to this conclusion after study included 300 women were asked Otdaihn around the registration and the number of coffee cups Itnolnha day.

The Girenstrom newspaper “Daily Mail”: that drinking coffee may have a significant impact on the size of the breasts, but not to women concerned that the breast all of them will not shrink during one night.

The researcher assured the women, saying: “Idian will become smaller, but not disappeared.”

The scientists noted that caffeine can reduce the risk of breast cancer, stressing that his sexual relationship hormone estrogen in women


Development of a scientific erase painful memories

October 26, 2008

Of tampering with papers last fall his eyes on other things beautiful and sad, what beautiful it is reminded of his past with all its joys and grief and Tear beautiful it touched on past stock if the wish is for one minute after your fingertips.
But there are moments of impressive human memory is captured Kvrac a loved one example, those moments dug deep memory is difficult for anyone to leave behind his back, and may not be able to erase the wheel of days that features easily forgotten claws are unable to root out from the depths of memory.

Having acknowledged the difficulty of literacy studies of the brain memories returned once again to prove that the information stored in the brain more active than previously believed and that they could be stranded and memory be erased.

U.S. scientists have reached a way to erase the memories specific to mice and other memories left with no damage to healthy brain.

Dr. Joe Tsien of the Institute of the brain and behavior in the College of Medicine in Georgia south of the United States emphasized that such research could lead to the means of providing literacy painful or frightening events from memory without harming the rest of stock memory in the brain.